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Introducing SmartCarrie® Deep Tissue Rhythmic Massager PRO

• Ergonomic & stylish design for everyday use

• Effective to provide deep tissue massage

• Carry anywhere with only 0.9lb

• Control the right power and massage head

• Quiet  - less than 45dB, like spa music

You have the POWER

•. Easy to use - one button will give you the power of a professional deep tissue massage therapist 

•  Reduce lactic acid build-up

•  Relax stiff muscles. 

•  Raise the effectiveness of your workout by drastically 

•. Improve blood circulation

•. Improve range of motion.

 10-hours of usage upon fully charged

You have the CONTROL

• Easy to customize your massage experience. 

5 vibration levels, from 1,800 to 3,000 vibration per minute

• It comes with 4 different massage heads cater to specific muscle group for best results

You have the SMARTS

•  Carry anywhere - at less than 1 lb, this is the lightest massage device on the market with the same power.

•  Compact -i t's so small that you can carry it with you to the gym, office or in your travel hand luggage.

•  Quiet  - at  45db, you can still listen to your nature sounds playlist during your massage without noticing it. 

You have the STYLE

•  Ergonomic Japanese design - no more buggy brick-like massage device, Smart Massager is simply elegant and beautiful to use or bring it with you anywhere.

•  Dura tac grip - it’s easily to operate without slipping.

•  One Button does it all - forget the LED or mobile phone control, all you need is one intuitive button to adjust your massage preference. No more hassle. 

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