جهاز بخار منزلي صغير محمول للسفر مكوّاة بالملابس DSP جهاز steamer220V محمول باليد

160.13 AED السعر بعد الضريبة
حالة التوفر:   متوفر
العلامة التجارية: DSP
عرض المزيد
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Product advantages:

1.  Mini handheld portable for travel, honeymoon
2. The water tank can be unloaded and Most water bottles can be operational.
3. Simple and convenient, the elderly can also be used easily, as a gift
4. Rose gold design, high-end atmosphere
5. The store has an excellent after-sales department, shopping 
packing list:
1.Exquisite gift box
2.The bubble film is carefully packaged to prevent extrusion deformation during shipping
3.The product contains instructions, the first time you can refer to the instructions


Specification introduction:

Our products are european plug,pls make sure it is suitable for your country or not ! if not,pls forget to leave us messages tell me which one you need, i can send you convert plug free of charge! thanks!



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