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ShowSee Anion Hair Dryer

ShowSee Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer Beautiful care tools Large air volume can quickly dry,beautiful shape, comfortable gri

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ShowSee Anion Hair Dryer

ShowSee Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer Beautiful care tools Large air volume can quickly dry,beautiful shape, comfortable grip

Quick-drying large air volume Anion hair care Hot and cold air switching Double temperature control protection EHD constant temperature hair care Six-leaf centrifugal blade

Quick-drying / hair care / styling

Practical and beautiful ShowSee hair dryer, high concentration of negative ions moisturize the hair, upgrade the styling experience, the hair does not knot, and awakens the hair's self-healing energy.

Straight model is more portable

More convenient and light operation, beautiful and convenient 450g weight, perfect lightweight design, easier storage, compact and portable, to accompany anytime, anywhere Round matte paint with mild and delicate touch Geometric aesthetic design, comfortable holding experience.

Don't worry about very dry hair when changing seasons

Neutralizes static electricity, hydrates hair, plumps hair and is easy to comb

Healthy hair, giving you smooth care

20 million negative ions per cubic centimeter The built-in negative ion generator releases high-concentration negative ions, reaches the surface of the hair, neutralizes static electricity, smoothes frizz, closes hair scales, and keeps hair from knotting.Tookfun. Reduce bifurcation, drive away static electricity and improve gloss.

Before use, the hair is very dry. After use, hair is smooth and fluffy.

Hair care and entertainment at the same time.

Large air volume can dry hair quickly. 1800W high power, the wind speed of the air outlet is as high as 7.4m per second, and it cooperates with drying, modeling and care. Quick drying at low temperature.

Strong wind to improve dry hair efficiency.

Bass noise reduction wind temperature airflow. Use a smooth high-speed motor. Provide a stable and strong wind source. Collaborative six-leaf noise reduction design effectively controls noise. Drive away the damp.

Short hair, about 1-3 minutes. Medium long hair, about 3-5 minutes. Long hair / curly hair, about 5-10 minutes.

Taking care of each hair, EHD heat distribution technology.

Does not burn hair Wide-angle air protection net to soothe air flow and balance dry hair. Deep V heating wave wire, gentle heat dissipation, reducing heat loss.

Wind power required for free switching.

Two wind speed temperature control settings. One-touch cold wind, beautiful shape. The first level is low hot wind, which is warm and comfortable. The second level is strong hot air, which dries hair quickly.

Care of hair from overheating damage, double safety temperature control protection.

Featured high sensitivity temperature controlled fuse. Active overheating protection. When the temperature exceeds the safe range, the power-off protection is automatically started.Tookfun. Temperature-controlled fuse protection. Active overheating protection.

Double-layer isolated air outlet. Avoid burns.

360-degree rotating air collection nozzle. Adds an outer layer of thermal insulation and reduces skin burns during styling. Feel free to shape various hairstyles.

The machine is made of heat-insulating material and will not burn your skin. Ultra-long PVC power cord, 1.8m length can stretch freely. Dust-proof metal protective net to prevent foreign matter from entering.


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