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العلامة التجارية: Baseus
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  • Soft and skin-friendly / Waterproof and scratch-resistant / Multiple protection / Interlayers for storage
  • Skin-friendly and Smoother Texture
  • Always enjoy the delicate and soft texture
  • Scientific Interlayer Design, Easy to Carry
  • Six storage space for easy and separated protection of important items
  • Elegant and Calm at Work and on Travel
  • Practical storage space helps us stay elegant and calm at all times
  • Stay with You in a Pleasant Talk
  • Improved protection performance to prevent any accidents
  • Internal and External Protection
  • Triple shock absorption, never worry about falling and dropping
  • Fully Waterproof for Zero Accidents
  • Say goodbye to water stains, oil stains and dust, solid and durable
  • Stylish and Colorful, Say No to Fussy
  • Who say laptop sleeves cannot be simple and beautiful? One-piece cover, two colors to choose
  • Baseus Basics Series Laptop Sleeve
  • Material: Nylon Flocking
  • Color: Dark gray/ Buff
  • Weight:
  • 16”=0.21 kg
  • 13”~0.17kg

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