شاحن لاسلكي أفقي عمودي (Baseus Rib 15W)

105AED السعر بعد الضريبة
حالة التوفر:   متوفر
الموديل: 170280
العلامة التجارية: Baseus
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A More Bracket for Three Charging Postures

Charging Vertical (For video and Tik Tok) Charging Horizontal (For game and opera) Charging Lying (For more careful work and study)

Stirrup Structure Balanced Power for Stability

The bracket offers a more balanced mechanical Support for the wireless charging board, no matter how heavy the cell phone is, it won't fall over or tilt

15 W High Power, Charging is No Longer Slow

5 W peak fast charge, compatible with Huawei 10 W, Samsung 10 W, MI 10 W.

Pure Copper Large Spool, Ultimate Skill of Fast Charging

Custom pure copper coil, the emission area increased by 35%, the sensitivity increased by 37%, and the power increased by 33%. The power is concentrated, do not burn in fast charging

Low Light Recognition. Clear at a glance

Fitted ice blue battery indicator, easily identify the charging status

Six major protections, much higher than Qi certification standards

Built-in smart dual chip, the output current automatically matches the equipment requirements, which is safe without burning

Large Emission Path. Inclusive of your 11 Pro Max

Regardless of the size of the phone, it can be charged stably when placed horizontally and vertically

1 meter long Cable, Perfect for Desktop Charging

Equipped with a 1-meter-long charging cable, which is just enough for desktop charging or bed charging

Carefully Magnify the Details For You

Product parameters

Product parameters

What is included

USB Type C Cable + Manual + Warranty card.

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