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Baseus F1 Car Pressure Washer

Certified by International Institutions

Every Product Passes 64 Tests

Every F1 Car Pressure Washer is required to pass 64 tests before going on the market in order to guarantee quality and safety.

Truly Powerful Water Pressure

It adopts a 21700rpm air cooled series-wound motor with rated power of 1300W. A thermal equilibrum systen guarantees smooth operation and prevents overheating.

Adjust Water Pressure , Include a Pressure Meter

It has a durable high press guage so user can choose suitable presure for different neeeds.

Recoil Pressure of 100Bar

A precise axial piston pump abd optimal flow channel design offer powerful and uniform pressure and flow to clean your car quickly and easily without damage to car paint.

A professional foam pot increases washing efficiency


Industrial Aesthetics Beautiful Appearance

A Professional Portable Car Washer

Various accessories for cleaning your car yourelf.

Automatic Start-Stop

The machine with a micro swith can start and stop when you turn on and off the washer gun. This way can protect the machine by avoiding motor idling.

Patented Design Solves Leakage Problems

Quadruple Protection

1.IPX5 waterproof rating whole machine waterproof
2.Electric leakage protection
3.Safety lock
4.Reasonable length

A Top Handle anf Support Brackets

A top handle and support brackets make it convenient and clean.

Product Parameters

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