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Brand: ENCHEN Material: ABS Color: Green, Red Size: 43 x 164 mm Rated Power: 4W Rated Voltage: 5V Charging Time: 120 minutes Product Net Weight: 165g Executive Standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.9-2008

Package Includes:

1 X Hair Clipper 1 X USB Charging Cable 1 X User Manual 1 X Brush 1 X Lubricating Oil

ENCHEN Hair Clipper

One button operation | Two speed control | Ultra low noise | Smart fast charge


● Baby Mode ● R Type Rounded Corner Cutter Head ● Low Noise ● Anti-card Issue ● Key Operation ● Set length

One Button Locks the Length of the Haircut

The YOYO hair clipper is des 0.7-21mm and supports one-button adjustment. It can be pushed gently when changing the length. It does not need to change the positioning comb frequently. The control is minimal, even if there is no Anyone with a haircut experience can easily get started, adjust the length of the haircut you want, and cut it directly.

You Can Get A Haircut While You Sleep

ENCHEN applied frequency conversion technology to YOYO hairdresser to provide flexible switching between two power levels. The normal boot mode is gentle, long press the on key to instantly start "Turbo" speed mode, easy to trim thick hair, children, adults can use.

Two Speed Control

The normal boot mode is gentle, long press the on key to instantly start "Turbo" speed mode

R Type Rounded Corner Processing

The parts that contact the skin with the cutter head and the positioning comb are rounded to ensure safety and comfort during the hair cutting

Safety Ceramic Cutter Head

● High Hardness Does Not Stick Hair Choose fine-tooth ceramic knife head, for soft hair not hurt hair. The hardness of ceramics is close to diamond, which makes hair cutting more smooth.

ESM Intelligence Prevent Stuck Hair

It has two large modules of energy management and motor mastering, which can guarantee high-speed operation and no stuck hair when the battery is low ● Intelligent Anti Stuck Hair ● Intelligent Charging Protection ● Intelligent Electric Quantity Prompt

Charge Once, Use For Half A Year

YOYO supports fast charging, which can reach 90% of the charge in 1.5 hours, then switch to smart trickle charging, and charge to full charge in 2 hours. It can last about 200 minutes when fully charged. A single haircut is calculated as half an hour, once a month, YOYO can be used for 6 months with a single charge.

Type-c Usb Interface, Use While Charging

The hair clipper supports plug and play, and half of it can be used without power. Boost uses the TYPE-C interface common to most mobile phones. The USB port can be powered by a common device such as a charging treasure, a computer, or a USB socket.

● Ergonomic Design Easy and comfortable to hold ● Touch Switch One-button manipulation ● Breathing Light Prompt Clearly display battery ● Removable Cutter Head Easy to clean

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