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C1 Capsule Vacuum Cleaner

One-handed Operation Easy to Use

As small as a phane.grab and clean anytime,

380OPa Strong Suction Power Remove Dust Instantly

Concentrated suction to take away soot and residues.

Triple Strong Filtration for Vacuuming and Purification

Comprehensive Cleaning in 18 Minutes

Built-in low-energy consumption cells for 18
minutes continuous cleaning. clean at one go.

Well-equipped Accessories Easy to Clean

Twist to Use Upgraded Interactive Design

Rotate left to activate the dust extraction system and rotate right to separate the dust bin and promptly clean the dust through creative rotation interactive design.

Clear and Smart Display for Battery Percentage

Built-in two-color LED light to display the status of vacuum cleaners in real time.
The blue light blinks when battery is low and it is normally on when fully charged. The red light is on when pouer switch is not reset during charging or when battery vire is disconnected due to discharge owvercurrent.

Wireless Handheld onvenient to use

Free from wires.

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