Baseus 20000mAh 20W Qpow Digital Display Quick Charging Power Bankwith Type-C Cable

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Baseus Qpow Digital Display Quick Charging Power Bank 20000mAh 20W (With IP Cable)

  • Designed with charging cable
    Designed with the iP/type c charging cable, never worry about forgetting to take the cable when you go out.
  • Two-in-one functionality
    It’s both a charging cable and a lanyard.
  • 20W high power output
    20W output, quick charging and never wait again.
  • Dual inputs and four outputs
    Dual inputs and four outputs, support simultaneous power supply for multiple devices, what you need is only one cable when you go out.
  • LED mirror digital display
    LED digital display enables the real-time viewing of the remaining battery level.

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