Baseus Capsule Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Car interior cleaning is one of those.... عرض المزيد

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Car interior cleaning is one of those chores we could all do without – especially when we lead busy lifestyles. It is one of those jobs that we don’t really even think about, as once we leave our car after a long day we tend to just forget about it. The result – dust and debris begin to accumulate (even more so in the family car).

Rather than having to spend your Saturday morning dragging your household vacuum cleaner to your car and trying to work your way through the attachments to find the correct one that still barely does the job, we wanted to create something for you to use on the fly.

Enter the Capsule Cordless Car Vacuum!

Weighing just 0.5kg and measuring only 23.2cm x 6.5cm – this minature and compact system is the perfect solution for helping you keep your car’s interior clean and free from dust/debris.

The super stylish and slim design looks amazing but it also serves a purpose. It has been designed to stay in your vehicle. You can literally store it anywhere, in your cup holder, glove compartment or even under your seat. The principle behind the Capsule, is that you can clean as you go. The moment your child drops those biscuit crumbs, you can simply clean it all up at the end of your journey. Its quick, simple and ultra practical!

Don’t let its size mislead you though. It packs a powerful 4000 pa super suction that will blow (or rather, suck) your dust away. Its alloy motor and pure copper core deliver a loaded speed of 28000 rpm and a no-load spead of 33000 rpm. 3 x 2000 mAh batteries are integrated into the device to provide you with seven uses on a single charge. The charging interface is USB Type-C for fast and reliable charging.

The Capsule features a stainless steel filter with triple filtration. This is easy to clean and can be washed directly.

Solid construction from high quality aviation alloy that is durable and resistant to impacts.

Includes 4 x accessories:

  • Long flat nozzle
  • Wide brush nozzle (for getting into vents etc)
  • Cloth bag
  • Charging cable (USB to Type-C)

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