Baseus Car Mount Holder Little Fatty In-vehicle Fragrance

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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Little Fatty
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Fixed position: Air outlet

Baseus Little Fatty:

  • Air vent car fragrance
  • Portable size– Accessory ismini in sizeso itnot blocks whole air outlet.
  • Enemy of odor– Refreshener is not cover up ugly scents. Itcompletely eliminates them!
  • Thoughtful design– Thanks to theair vent fixed position, aroma flows from front to rear seats. Fresh air circulation is formed within the whole car.
  • Healthy and safe aroma– Fragrance ingredient areextracted from natural flowers and fruits.
  • Alcohol-free– Safer for use.No worry about potential explosionresulted from exposure under sunshine.
  • One is better than three– 1 piece of Little Fatty aroma islasting longer than 3 bottles of classic fragrance.

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