Brave Magnetic Car Holder

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Product Description

Brave is a magnetic car phone holder for easily mounting your smartphone
and other portable devices on the dashboard of your car, truck, boat or
RV. Strong neodymium magnets hold your phone securely in place. The 4-axis
adjustable head rotates 360 degrees to find the optimum viewing angle. The
stand-free design allows for easy and safe use of the device, with handheld
access to all controls and ports.

Phone holder to use diverse: secure portable safe device and speed on any flat 
surface in the car, home or office

MAGNETIC MOUNT: This phone holder comes Bmagnatisat rare rare
neodymium that provides a secure grip for your devices

display: with 4 axes and head of adjustable 360 - degree bolt rubber lock
Optimized Soft, This Dashboard Mount Allows Viewing From Any Ang
lePackage Includes: (1) Phone Holder, (2) Magic Panels, (1)

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